Life at The Marshes of Skidaway Island.

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Mexican Train Tips and Tricks

Many people at Savannah Retirement Homes enjoy playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Some folks find enjoyment in this game through being able to chat with their friends. For these folks, the game is secondary to the company. However, other people are interested in the game out of a thirst for winning. If you happen to be …

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What Seniors Should Never Share on Facebook

In the last decade, social media has become a useful tool in helping seniors stay connected with their family. For widowed seniors, loneliness can be a real problem, and Facebook helps them feel involved in the day to day life of their family. While plugging into social media has enormous benefits, it is also a …

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Tips for Sleeping Better

Not getting enough sleep can have a serious impact on the physical and mental well-being of seniors. Persistent sleep problems can increase the risk of conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes or worsen chronic pain. While the general recommendation is to strive for 7-8 hours of productive sleep each night, it’s not always easy …

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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Are you keeping up with your New Year Resolutions? The New Year offers individuals a chance to improve their lives and make every day count. Senior citizens can take advantage of this opportunity to start new habits that will help them stay physical fit and mentally sharp. The Marshes’ Savannah senior housing can help you …

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Tips for Getting More Fruits and Vegetables

Regardless of your age, eating a nutrient-dense diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. This is true whether you’re a young child or a senior citizen. But, for a variety of reasons, many seniors simply don’t eat an adequate allotment of fresh fruits and veggies and in these …

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